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I tried to forget different kind of things (object or ideas...) and to explore different methods.


To forget my phone number.

-One way is not to remind it for a long time (I found many tricks to avoid the case where someone ask it to me, ).
-Another way is to learn others numbers compound by same numeral than my real phone number.

I have never forgotten my phone number :(



Today I bought an umbrella. I didn’t had one before because I always lost it. So I hope it will happen again. This method proved very quickly its efficiency because on the night, while coming back home from a bar with my cousin, I forget it in a taxi.

I bought a new one and hope I will forget it again.

I take my umbrella to go to a party to V.’s place (it is raining) and I feel that I will forget it. But it didn’t worked out even with alcohol.

I am arriving in a new residency in the Hague. I will live here for one month. I hide the umbrella on top of the wardrobe and hope I will forget it when leaving the apartment.

I took the umbrella several time to use it (because it was raining of course) and put it back on top each time. Each time I used it was decreasing my chances to forget it at the end of the month.

I didn’t forget to take my umbrella at the moment I left the flat because I found another umbrella in a drawer. So it remind me to take mine.



I decided today that when I go to someone’s place, I put my keys somewhere and hope to forget it. So these evening I went to F.A.’s place. At the leaving time, he asked me nome news from this forgotten projec. So of course I remember to take my keys.

Same thing again.

To M.L.’s place - 30 minutes after I arrived - I thought to put my keys on a small table slightly set back, on the room where we are. 5 or 10 minutes before we leaved (I was with P.G.) she saw the keys and asked me whose keys was it.

from 29/01/2010 to 01/02/2010
While a stay to M.V.'s place, I put the keys on a discreet place behind the bookcase. At the moment I packed my suitcase on 01-02-2010’s morning, I think to take it but it is not here. I deduce that I took it already on my luggages - what is quite imprudent. Back in Paris, I check if I have got it and see my mistake. So I try to open the door with my credit card but the lock is double-locked. In an hopeless try, I re-searched it again and found it in my wallet. Why/when did I put it here?

On try to F.A.’s place that leads to nothing..

Again… but wasn’t so far from my goal.

A forgetfulness that I didn’t predict and that is more or less caused by this project;
I forget to take my keys before leaving my place. I realized it I didn’t had it while going back home on the evening. So I knock the door and P.G. was at home and opened it. “More or less” caused by this project because for it, I detached the main key from the bunch in order to put only the main keys to differents places. So this day I took only the bunch and not the keys.

For the second time to N.P.’s place, I try to forget my keys while letting it on a discreet place. I didn’t sought of it while the evening, but only just before leaving.

Yippee !!! Tonight I went to N and putted it on a discreet place as usual. 15 minutes before leaving, I thought about to take it but prefered to wait again. I left without and realised it in front of my door.

The day after I went back to N.’s place to take my keys. He was behaving as if he didn’t knew this forgetting project. Saying something like “Take care men…”. I was quite surprised because I told him many time about this project.

Yess !!! I forgot my keys to F.’s place. I realized it while walking up the stairs. I’m getting better. Rigor and tenacity finally paid.