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In the Hague, a couple of years ago I wanted to buy a pack of chewing gum.
So I went to the nearest shop. The pack was at 1€ and I had only 0.98€ on me. After asking the shop tender where were a cash machine, he told me that the closest one was at the train station at 15 minutes walk.
It has taken 20 minutes to go there. At the train station I took some cash. There were also a shop selling the same chewing gum that at the first shop, but they were at 0.95€.






























I am used to do one's hair with a rising strand from left to right. Since quite a long time. Many years perhaps.

Today I went to get my picture taken (in a photo booth), and noticed that it was reversed horizontally. I was less nice like that. I think it was because of this strand that passed from rising (in real life) to descending (on the photos). It breaks the optimistic dynamic of my image.

I thought first that they (the photo boots manufacturers) was stupid to reverse the pictures. I understood later that the pictures correspond to what everyone see (everyone but me), and that it is my image on the mirror that is reversed horizontally.






























Down home, sidewalks are narrow. Today there where a ladder leaning against the wall located at 2/3 meters of my front door. The bottom of the lader was leaning on the edge of the sidewalk. So if you wanted to stay on the sidewald you needed to pass under it. As it is a sign of bad luck, I hesitated shotly. But finally decided to pass under it. I am not superstitious enough to do a very small detour by the road.

Couple of minutes after, at the checkout the cashier made a mistake and gived me 10 extra €. I said nothing and leaved with it.

Finally passing under the ladder gives me chance. Perhaps the things works in an opposite manner on me. I decided not to pass under it again. I would feel that it would cancel the good fate caused by the first pass. So on my way back home, I planned to walk on the road. A taxi was parked on the road at the level of my door and the ladder in such a way as to let a 1 meter gap of free road. I decided to pass there but when I was quite at this level, a scooter passed by this gap and forced me to go on the sidewalk and pass under the ladder.






























This is something that remained after the rementing of the ping-pong table.
As you can see on the link nothing seems to miss.

There is a rational explanation behind all that. But it takes time to me to find it (this is my father in fact who found it). Befor that I was facing a very strang phenomenon.




























































On november 2013 in a bar in Vilnius, I met a girl called Marija. We get on quite well and finally went to her place.
The day after, I didn't had my contact lense so I was seeing blur. I had to rush away because some peoples came to do some work on her flat. We never saw each other again.

3 month later while another short stay in Vilnius, I met another girl in the same bar. We get on quite well and finally went to her place.
On the way, I said to her that I know this street. I already went here.
"You know Vilnius wery well. Not so much but I went on this street allready before."
Later on the way at a crossroad, the feeling of déjà vu was persisting. I expressed it.
Just after that was a place with a kind of giant egg as a sculpture. I remember well that I passed here 3 month before, with the other girl and took the diagonal.
So I ask the present girl if it is on the diagonal way, a bit for fun.
She said "what does matter, but yes, it is that way".
I start to find it strange. I did't spend a lot of time in vilnius and did't walked so much. I don't know a lot of places and street. And also did't met a lot of girl that invite me to their place. So at this time I find quite strange to walk two time in the same street for the same kind of reason.This is quite a strange coincidence. The reality that is built up under my eyes correspond to the one recolected on my memory 3 month before.
A bit exited by the game I asked her "and now it is on the next small street on the right?"
At this moment she start to behave strangelly. She takes her distance or seems to be unconfortable. I don't exactly remember if it is before or after this moment that I evoke an affair with someone on this area. But anyway, at this time the understood that I had an affair with someone on this small street on the right.
She know someone who live on this street.
I asked her if the first letter of the name of that persone is "M".
At this point she takes her distance walking faster than me, while say "No! impossible! I will not have sexe with you!"
At this time we met on the street 2 persone that she know. They talk 2 or 3 minutes.
Just after they leave, she explain to me that her best friend (and neighbor) is living here, that she can't have sex with someone who had sexe with here best friend. And she asked me : "is it you who didn't have your contacts lenses and who could not see? And who had to escape because some peoples came to do work on the flat.
This moment was very strange.
We went back to the bar where we met and drank one more beer to toast this story.